Nicosia, 9-10 June 2023

The Literature Course in the Contemporary School: From Theory to Practice

The Literature course in secondary education is called upon to play a significant role both in the linguistic and aesthetic cultivation of students and in the development of skills such as critical thinking, creativity, etc. The conference aims to map the role of the Literature course in the existing educational system and to contribute substantially to the necessary reflection for a comprehensive revision that aligns with the requirements and challenges of the contemporary school, taking into account the needs of all students, including the gifted and talented, as well as those approaching the subject under special circumstances (e.g. students with a migrant background, bilingual students, students enrolled in special education programs, etc.). Emphasis is placed on educational practice and the implementation of teaching proposals/scenarios.
The Conference is organised by KELOPOS in collaboration with the Directorate of Secondary General Education and the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus.
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